Welcome to WeCare Rewards!

At We Care, we pride ourselves on providing each Client with exceptional, personal service. Our staff are dedicated to excellence.

We also pride ourselves on our commitment to recognizing excellence in our staff. Therefore, we are offering a reward program that is personal, innovative and exciting.

Our new We Care Rewards program gives you an opportunity to earn points for demonstrating the values demonstrated in our Guiding Principles – for going above and beyond for our Clients, for advancing our Health and Safety programs, for participating in education opportunities and more. These points can then be redeemed for items that you choose – movie tickets, electronics, gift cards and more.

Please note: Your Login ID is your first name underscore last name (e.g. John_Smith)

How Can I Earn Points?

Through the new We Care Rewards Program, you will have the opportunity to earn points for years of service, for going above and beyond, and helping us to achieve provide a high level of customer service. You are also able to recognize your fellow employees! The points you earn will be placed into your own on-line account where you can accumulate and redeem them for a variety of products such as movie tickets, electronics, gift cards, household articles, trips and more!